The JamJar Media team have been involved in many short films over the years and have a vast experience in bringing scripts to the screen.

This includes members of the JamJar team working on Blake Harrison's directing debut the multi-award winning 'Hooves of Clay'.

Director of Photography - James Neal and 1st Assistant Director -Daniel Baker

Questionable Prejudice was a short film made for educational purposes.

Director and Producer - Wayne Cambell

Associate Producer and Director of Photography - James Neal

Producer and 1st Assistant Director - Daniel Baker

Red Letter was a significant short film, which was the graduation film for some of the JamJar team. Shot entirely on location in a remote area of North Wales and with a large cast and crew, Red Letter was a very challenging yet rewarding project as the film featured at many short film festivals.

"After the death of his mother, Charlie and his dad Dave move from Watford to a remote village in the hills of Wales. But all is not right in this quiet community. The classrooms are mostly empty and no one is playing in the street. Not to mention Mrs Witcam next door, an eerie old woman who hates anyone trespassing on her property. But when Charlie is forced to befriend her as part of a school community project, he soon learns that there is an even more sinister side to her, and whether he likes it or not, he will learn the secrets that lie behind the sheets at the bottom of her garden..."

Director - Tom Marshall

Director of Photography - James Neal

Producer - Jonny Burns